Wishful thinking

I wish that someone someday


Undress my soul with their words

Instead of my body with their eyes


Mastani speaks

“I’d rather not be mentioned at all,
Than be a footnote in the history of your life
A footnote, in our story
A number
A point of reference meant solely for explanatory purposes
I’d rather be forgotten
Than be remembered as a gift of thanks
A commodity if you may
Because I was much, much more than that in your life
I was, at the very least, the mother of your child”

I was prompted to write this after watching the Hindi movie ‘Bajirao-Mastani’ and proceeding to read more on the complex relationship between the two where I discovered that historians know very little about Mastani and she was more or less a footnote

This completely depressed me.


I love it when

You’re sleeping on your side turned away from me and I just have to hold you…

…so I first run my fingers along your back to see if I’ll disturb you by waking you…

…and you just reach over and pull my arm over your body…

…then you lace your fingers through mine and go on sleeping…

I must tell you

You know you love someone
They look tired
Worn out
When their hair is messed
Shirt wrinkled
And even the smile they give you is a tired one
and takes effort
And all you want to do is kiss him
And stroke his hair
You just can’t take your eyes off him
And you think to yourself
That he is the most handsome man you ever saw