Wishful thinking

I wish that someone someday


Undress my soul with their words

Instead of my body with their eyes


Midnight musings

Is there someone out there

Waiting for that cute little text in the middle of a rough day

That little bit of motivation

That sliver of sunshine

But whose phone screen remains dark and desolate

Just like mine?

Mastani speaks

“I’d rather not be mentioned at all,
Than be a footnote in the history of your life
A footnote, in our story
A number
A point of reference meant solely for explanatory purposes
I’d rather be forgotten
Than be remembered as a gift of thanks
A commodity if you may
Because I was much, much more than that in your life
I was, at the very least, the mother of your child”

I was prompted to write this after watching the Hindi movie ‘Bajirao-Mastani’ and proceeding to read more on the complex relationship between the two where I discovered that historians know very little about Mastani and she was more or less a footnote

This completely depressed me.

Fix me

I want you to live my story
with me
taste it along my skin
the swell of my breasts
the flutter in my belly
and the pulse in my throat
To understand me
Inch by inch
With your lips
To coax it out of me with your fingertips
As I lie beneath you
Silently imploring you to heal me