Girl behind the words

I always have my head in the clouds, which I won’t say is necessarily a bad thing. I have a tendency to ramble and I can have conversations with myself for hours. I cry when the mood strikes and have no control when it comes to chocolate. I might not always (or let’s face it, ever) write about butterflies and sunshine or disability empowerment. Most of my writing would be dark and heavy with emotion. I would write constantly about this guy I like who does not like me back. I’d write about cerebral palsy and how it holds me back as opposed to how it empowers me. I write about being an Asian and all the drama it brings. Because I write to cleanse myself. I don’t write for entertainment. I write so that I don’t go crazy. So that I can tell an anonymous group of people how I really feel without being sympathised or judged for it. For all who visit my blog, thank you for listening to my stories. This is who I really am.


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