This morning

There’s a subtle shift of air around everything, where everything is the same as it was before but infinitesimally different. There are little signs of a man occupying this space. Like your watch on my nightstand. The ever lingering scent of your cologne every time I step in to the bathroom and invading every little corner of the bedroom, on the sheets, even in my hair. A dress shirt crumpled in a corner which I absently pick up and pile in with the week’s laundry. My behaviour, my habits. How I seamlessly integrate your presence into my life.

I sit on the edge of the bed and run my thumb over and over along the metal strap of your watch. In the background I hear you taking a shower before work. I press the watch to my lips not even knowing why I’m doing that. It’s just that these tiny things, the small but sudden realisations, they make my heart swell.

You’re really here. Claiming your part in my life. Making it ours.


Where are you

I’ve been asking that question for sometime now, when it gets especially lonely and another attempt at dating has gone badly. I’ve been wondering where you are. You should have gotten here yesterday because I’ve been waiting for you for so long and honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if you’ll ever come into my life. I need you now more than ever because I’m at that age where everyone is getting married and having kids and I feel really ready to take a chance with someone. There’s no outing or movie night without my friends’ plus ones and I can’t help but get a little lonely sometimes, especially now that I’m ready to take a chance with someone who’s mature and caring, especially now that I know that dating nor marriage or even kids are a walk in the park and I’ve adjusted my expectations accordingly, observing the experiences of my friends. In case you were wondering, I’m 28 now. So just get here already baby. I have so many plans for us. We’ve got so many wonderful, exciting and sometimes scary journeys ahead and I cannot wait to experience them with you by my side.

It gets hard sometimes. Really hard. This whole being single thing. And in those times I wonder who you are, whether you are a million miles away, or just a ten minute’s drive from here. And whether just like me, after yet another disappointing date, you are wondering where that girl is, the girl who’d come into your life and make everything just a little bit better, the girl you’d know as the one destiny had in store for you. The girl you’d been waiting for all this time. Whether she’ll ever come into your life. I’m wondering if you have plans for us too, for us to do so many things together.

But first, let’s start with the simple things. Like going for an evening walk together whenever possible, going for the occasional picnic, staying in and falling asleep in each other’s arms, talking about our day. The small and simple things that eventually constitute the biggest part in any relationship.

I need you here more than you’d ever know, I always have been needing you. So if you’re out there, please come to me soon. I can’t wait to finally meet you.