I stand in front of the bathroom mirror, the early morning light throwing soft shards of light across the floor and my body. I run my hands through my tangled curls, closing my eyes instinctively in memory of you buried in them last night. I open my eyes again and lean against the counter. I’m stark naked. A small smile plays on my lips as I run my forefinger along my left shoulder where you’ve left a little pink circle beginning to turn dark and I feel a tiny twinge of pain that gives me goosebumps in a very good way. These marks leave a trail starting from the left side of my neck and fade closer to my breast and I caress the marks, lost in what we did to each other and how you kissed those marks you made afterwards while whispering how sorry you are if it hurts, leaving me stunned and teary. I felt like we were in a languid dream, that if we ever let go of this embrace we’d have to wake up to a world we both dislike. And that’s how you fell asleep. One leg tangled over my body, face buried in my chest as I stared at you, unable to sleep. Not because you were warm or heavy but because I couldn’t believe that you’d given me the whole world in one single night. And how you marked me yours. In your deep sleep you didn’t hear me tell you that I love the scars you gave me because you’ve claimed me, mind, body and soul and baby I wouldn’t have it any other way. In a world where both of us are weighed down by the daily grind of work and monotony, you are my reprieve. As I’m yours. Getting lost in each other is the only way to leave the world behind and forget everything. And I love you for that.

My eyes fly open as I feel you pull me into your chest from behind and kiss my earlobe. You’ve caught me fantasising, I giggle as we look at each other in the mirror, both of us without a stitch of clothing, comfortable in each other’s vulnerability and content with our bodies. Every bit of self consciousness and insecurity melted away last night as we gave everything we got to each other.

You smile sleepily and tell me you’d love to hear my fantasy as you carry me back to bed and I feel your need for me throbbing again as I give myself up completely to languid bliss.


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