I wish you would catch me
In moments when
I’m so caught up in you
My hands roaming wild
All over my body
Naked in my hunger for you
Helplessly giving into that ache
That ache I have to soothe
All by myself



If you could only see what you
do to me
How the very thought of you
Gives me a delicious ache
deep in my belly
makes me curl my toes and bite my lip

How just thinking about you
Makes me warm between my legs and makes me have to cross my legs
Because I don’t know what would happen
If I didn’t

You are fire itself
Devouring me
Without even touching me


My skin glows with the exuberance of young age
Yet it isn’t awake
It has never been on fire
My lips are light shades of pink
But they have never been coaxed into life
Blossoming into deep shades of fuchsia
through the force of a hard kiss
My body is full of life
Yet it has never been awakened
Slumbering in a deep sleep
By fiery lips and fingertips


Maybe in another life, another place and another country, we’d be together. And start a family and have a few kids. You know, another life where I am capable of looking after a family while managing work.  Another country where a disabled wife is not the biggest disaster to hit your family.And another life where I will be more than an interesting diversion to you. Maybe that’s all I ever was. Or maybe you really did love me and our lives wouldn’t let us be together.

I need that

I just need someone who’d hold me close and tell me how beautiful I am once in a while. Who’d listen when I talk about what bothers me, actually listen without a well-timed grunt. Hold my hand after a long, tiring day. I want someone to be waiting for me so that I don’t have to walk into an empty house. Just to hold each other and fall asleep, not necessarily have sex because sometimes holding each other in silence is so much more important and meaningful than sex. I need someone who’d walk this long and tiring life with me by my side… he  doesn’t always have to be right next to me physically but in mind and soul. Just a warm and reassuring presence. I need that.