That was the scariest horror movie I ever watched
As I held on to your hand for comfort
All I could feel was how firm your grip felt
Reassuring, warm
Then you started drawing patterns on my palm with your thumb
I was scared out of my mind


Daddy, there’s a monster under my bed

There’s a monster in my house
It’s in the kitchen
The sofas
It ambles around the living room
It watches tv with me and my mom
Surprisingly at ease with itself
Because no one seems to see it
No one but me
It comes to my room
Sleeps on my bed
And hugs me tight
Quite often it rears its head
at my parents
And bellows angrily
Shocking them
for they do not know
or see it
The monster is too large to contain now
Too mature to be tamed
Too old to chase away
Perhaps it will eat me one day
Finish me off finally
You wouldn’t know what happened
Only I see it


I write furiously
Just to keep my demons at bay
Writing, to get away from god knows what
Writing, to release the thoughts
Of a tormented mind
Tormented by god knows what
A thousand words unspoken
A thousand kisses hidden
A million hugs repressed
Maybe those are what
Compels me to write…
So many emotions
Just write god damnit and get these thoughts out
Or you will bust a nerve and die


The rain
It’s been falling ceaselessly
At the same depressing rhythm
For many hours now
It is as if
The sky has become heavy
With all the world’s sorrows
Tears shed, and unshed
Losses mourned
Loves lost
Hearts shattered
And the sky
The sky is what looks upon all of this
Whether it likes to or not
finally, full to the brim
With all our sorrows
It cries and cries and cries
As if begging for absolution
As if screaming