Sheets of water tumble
Mercilessly from the skies
Big, harsh dollops of rain
Going “plonk”
Random young man
On a bike
A curious appendage
Of polythene
Wrapped over his shirt
Oh but it flaps away from him
Caught in the brutal wind
I think to myself
The rain must be
the last thing on his mind


Social media

One more “like”
To compensate for a hug
One more comment to make up for zero “I love you”s
Just a few more likes
To make up for the void in your heart
To make up for the fact that
No one knew you skipped lunch today
Because no one checked up

At a wedding

Me in my best friend’s bridesmaids sari
The jacket a bit too tight
The raw silk constantly billowing
With every stride of mine
Earring-less because I forgot them
So self-conscious…
You appear out of nowhere
Our mutual girlfriends
They look stunning
You have barely reached our table
And the first words out of your mouth are “Wow you look really beautiful”
You. My guy (friend) of firsts.

Rainbow marred

The festival of colour
A celebration of life
Friendship renewed
And new ones made
By smearing a myriad
Of rainbow colours
Plucked from childhood innocence
From shy hearts keening
For expression
A chance for young lovers
To touch without fear
Under these powdery mists
Of cheer and glee
Lie a darkness more sinister
A rude constrast to the shrieking laughter of little children
Who walk among street corners
And shop aisles
To choose their desired colours
Clinging onto the hands of parents
For safety
Is it true that
Some vendors also sell
Soluble paint mixed with chloroform
To avenge an enemy
Under the guise of holiday cheer?