Kisses and earthquakes

Maybe for you
It was hormones
But that almost-kiss
Was the closest
A guy has gotten to me physically
It caused an earthquake in me emotionally

First attempt at micropoetry.Written within the 140 character limit. An idea taken after seeing similar attempts on ‘Freshly Pressed’.


A Collection of Micropoetry

A Fullness in Brevity - Adam Byatt

I like to write micropoetry on twitter, limiting myself to 140 characters (128 if you include the hashtag).

I collect my micro musings in a document with the aim of publishing a book of poetry (I’ve seen a review of a book of 140 twitter fictions so why not a book of micropoetry?)

But I shall share the more recent ones with you here.


Which one(s) did you like best? Why?

First Date

an open packet of plain chips
(you prefer Salt and Vinegar)
we scrabble for the scraps
and lick the grease
from our fingers


In an act of irony
I draw trees on paper
And stick them
On my wall
An ecological conundrum
Where I can’t see
The forest for the trees

Unravelling and Resonating

The unravelling of each other
Pulling at threads of fault
Leaves only a mirror
To reflect and resonate
Our own insecurities

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If all else fail, write

I see love all around me
Passionate, meaningful love
A girl is pursued fervently,
Until she finally gives in
A guy is torn between choosing two girls
Who do not care that he’s an amputee
And want his love despite

I yearn to be loved deeply
To be pursued by someone who thinks I’m worth everything he’ll have to give up to be with
To be called beautiful by someone who actually means it
To be looked at like I’m everything he’s been waiting for
To have my first kiss and get knocked off my feet
To be loved like any other girl despite being less than perfect

All the times that I thought I’d found it
That I thought guy number three is genuinely interested in me
And not leading me along
It ended the same way
They disappeared into thin air
Never stopped to say bye

I went about trying to fill the void
The loneliness
Chocolates, Stephen King books
A lot of Nicholas Sparks
And plenty of John Green
And writing this stuff out
In a blog no one would notice
Maybe I’ll one day win a Gratiaen
Or a Commonwealth Writers prize
Or maybe I won’t
Who knows?

So I immerse myself in writing
To occupy my wandering mind
To fill me with a deep sense of purpose
That maybe all these feelings will one day lead to something wonderful
That I’ll be known for writing my heart out
And that I will finally be free
of this crippling intensity

World’s Best Mom

A story of love, and endurance

Alive In You

That’s a lofty title, I know. And believe it or not, I know her. Even more amazing (to me) is that I’m married to her.

One might think the world’s best mom would be someone with years of motherly experience and a number of kids — someone who has been doing it for a long time. My wife, Katie, doesn’t come close to qualifying under those terms. You see, we’re new parents. Our first son, Randol Thomas, was born on Thursday at 12:56 a.m. at the incredibly young gestational age of 25 weeks and 4 days. That happy moment had a sad ending when our baby boy lost his life later that morning at 5:20 a.m. after struggling for hours to try and breathe with what we knew were severely underdeveloped lungs — something we knew would be an issue after my wife’s water broke at just 18 weeks.

So how could…

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