Dancing with dragons on my birthday

I would have been the ice princess
Sweeping coolly through life
I would have been the demon-slayer
Fighting my way through life
I would have had my whole life within my fist,
doing what I want
Casting charms,
Dancing with dragons,wearing whichever shoes that I like

I would have been singing in the moonlight
My hand entwined in his
We’d have made plans for the future
And he’d have drawn lines on my skin

If only I was born twenty-five years ago on this day
I would’ve done all of this and many more
And I wouldn’t have to wear the same shoes everyday



Sunlight streams through
In strips of gold
Illuminating particles of dust
Making them glow like tiny crystals
I try to catch them with my hands
But it just cuts through the beams of sunlight
I catch nothing
The dust crystals fly further away from me
And I watch them disappear
A thing so beautiful, just within reach
But beyond my grasp

A thousand ships

Helen of Troy
had a face that launched a thousand ships
A face that made troops of Greek men die
A face that changed history

What do you see when you look at my face
A face you see everyday
Is it worth launching a thousand ships?
Would you wage war for me?

Or am I just another passing face?
To be smiled upon
and forgotten?

Foreign Body

Prepped with the outmost care
Implanted with trepidation
Sewn in with fingers crossed
For a smooth run
My heart yet again is somewhere it doesn’t belong
Rejected the moment its presence
is felt by its intended abode
Nothing more than a foreign body.
My heart.