I am a beautiful person


I first became interested in predictive text after reading this Buzzfeed piece about iOS8. I must say predictive text feature of android 4.2.2 is awesome because I used it for the first time today and it gave me this. So much win! Sadly it was the first and only sentence that actually made sense up to now. Others were pretty nonsensical like “I have look now the King the King of the King” Ah well, small victories eh! Even Google knows I’m a beautiful person!


Sheets of water tumble
Mercilessly from the skies
Big, harsh dollops of rain
Going “plonk”
Random young man
On a bike
A curious appendage
Of polythene
Wrapped over his shirt
Oh but it flaps away from him
Caught in the brutal wind
I think to myself
The rain must be
the last thing on his mind