All this love

All this love
That’s filled my heart
This love I feel for you
Goes to waste everyday

Where does un-used love go
Is there an infinitely large hole
in the universe
That’s being filled every second, every hour, every day
With the wasted emotions of a billion lost souls
Waking up in hopes of finding love,
And going to bed without?

A Collection of Micropoetry

Originally posted on A Fullness in Brevity - Adam Byatt:

I like to write micropoetry on twitter, limiting myself to 140 characters (128 if you include the hashtag).

I collect my micro musings in a document with the aim of publishing a book of poetry (I’ve seen a review of a book of 140 twitter fictions so why not a book of micropoetry?)

But I shall share the more recent ones with you here.


Which one(s) did you like best? Why?

First Date

an open packet of plain chips
(you prefer Salt and Vinegar)
we scrabble for the scraps
and lick the grease
from our fingers


In an act of irony
I draw trees on paper
And stick them
On my wall
An ecological conundrum
Where I can’t see
The forest for the trees

Unravelling and Resonating

The unravelling of each other
Pulling at threads of fault
Leaves only a mirror
To reflect and resonate
Our own insecurities

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