The rain
It’s been falling ceaselessly
At the same depressing rhythm
For many hours now
It is as if
The sky has become heavy
With all the world’s sorrows
Tears shed, and unshed
Losses mourned
Loves lost
Hearts shattered
And the sky
The sky is what looks upon all of this
Whether it likes to or not
finally, full to the brim
With all our sorrows
It cries and cries and cries
As if begging for absolution
As if screaming



Sheets of water tumble
Mercilessly from the skies
Big, harsh dollops of rain
Going “plonk”
Random young man
On a bike
A curious appendage
Of polythene
Wrapped over his shirt
Oh but it flaps away from him
Caught in the brutal wind
I think to myself
The rain must be
the last thing on his mind